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September 12, 2005
Yushchenko in U.S. despite home woes
His standing tarnished in Ukraine, he will be in Philadelphia tomorrow to get the Liberty Medal.

September 12, 2005
Pieces of the Past
Reports by Philadelphia Inquirer reporters from Hurricane Katrina

September 8, 2005

Rebuilding New Orleans
Who returns may determine what city becomes.

September 4, 2005
Five calamities, five paths of recovery
The strange and varied roads that coming back from natural disaster can take.

June 30, 2005
Free trade has devastated Ghana's economy, farmers say

June 26, 2005
Ghana addresses poverty in a bid for debt relief

May 22, 2005
Bye-bye, Ben? 
Paper euros buck the trend of dollar use

May 8, 2005

Rivals call truce for project
Two different visions but one goal: Restore Franklin house.

May 2, 2005
Biafra's independence dream rekindles

April 17, 2005
'From nothing' to list of candidates for pope

Francis Arinze has risen in the church as his nation has.

March 9, 2005

Ex-French leader visits Philadelphia
He talked of the gradual merger of European nations, and how it was little understood here.

December 2004-January 2005
The Disappearing Drill
A special report following an expedition in Equatorial Guinea that is trying to save threatened wildlife, including Africa's most endangered monkey, the drill.

November 10, 2004
Bin Laden a 'malignant' personality who commands attention, CIA expert 

Sept. 26, 2004
Similar goals, different worldviews
Part of a weekly series on key issues leading up to the election

August 25, 2004
Phila. lawyer leads a fight to right abuses in Iraq

August 5, 2004
Dashed dreams on a borrowed lot in Haiti
A former prisoner and activist developed a youth athletic complex. Now the owners want the land back.

July 18, 2004
Artists try to show another side of Haiti amid political chaos
The Jacmel Film Festival offers 70 films free of charge to an isolated people starved for movies, a rarity even in the capital.

July 8, 2004
To Haiti, with love

June 15,  2004
Pakistan's vow to rein in schools goes unfulfilled

June 14,  2004
Pakistan struggles to gain control of fierce tribal areas
Bin Laden may be hiding in a lawless region ruled by combative Pashtuns.

June 3,  2004
A new front in the war on a disfiguring illness
Millions will get free Glaxo, Merck drugs.

May 9, 2004
Post-9/11, an uneasy sense of sanction for abuse

May 4, 2004
India's drug firms aim to compete with giants

April 26, 2004
In Kashmir, small hope for end to bloody fight

April 26, 2004
Kashmir: Cease-fire holds at dividing line

April 11, 2004
India, Pakistan cooling down on and off field
The nuclear powers avoided war 2 years ago. Now they can treat matches as sport.  

March 19, 2004
A physician who became ideological leader for al-Qaeda
Zawahiri's anti-Western views go far back.

March 9, 2004
Iraqi visitors at Penn admire ancient displays - and display cases

February 22, 2004
Experts predicted instability

U.S. restored Haiti's leader but didn't protect its investment, some say

February 8, 2004
Analyst's report criticizing Iraq war draws flak

January 4, 2004
Upstart Google is engine in an industry that could

November 30, 2003
Voting for a low profile
The Bay Area town got unwanted attention over a ballot

November 18, 2003
Gov. Schwarzenegger takes charge in Calif.
A low-key swearing-in, then a popular move: Axing the car-tax hike.

November 16, 2003
Heavy political lifting for Schwarzenegger
Being able to win over a crowd may not sustain California's next governor.

November 3, 2003
The aftershocks of Calif. fires
Twelve years after a deadly inferno in Oakland, survivors are still feeling the effects.

October 19, 2003
Calif. crisis augurs U.S. conflict
Increasing health-care costs are at core of strikes home page   
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