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Kuba, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, was raised in Johannesburg. She understands Afrikaans, English and Dog. 
Spider, who is mostly Staffordshire bull terrier, is an orphan from the QwaQwa area of South Africa. She understands  Zulu, English and Dog. 
Inky, the cat from Flatbush. Many South Africans think black cats are evil, so he stays indoors at night. Inky responds to English, Dog and can openers.
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Amy holds Boomerang, the gray tabby from Philadelphia who kept coming back. He died  in 1999 of a heart condition.
The dynamic duo invade the garden. 
Kuba on the run, moments before flattening the photographer. Sadly, she died Feb. 11, 2001 after struggling with lymphoma.
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Boomerang tells Spider who is in charge.
Some people confuse Spider with a pit bull, but she is 100 percent affection.
A king cricket, more commonly known as a Parktown Prawn. It is one of many frequent visitors to our house here in Africa.
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