Seven years after the end of apartheid, The Inquirer examined the state of race relations in South Africa, where the rainbow nation appeared to be retreating into monochromatic camps. The occasional series looked into integration efforts in the military, farm violence in the countryside, the stay-or-leave dilemma of young white professionals, and efforts to bring meaningful integration to the country's schools.

Part One: Racial violence shows how deep the divisions remain in S. Africa 
Part Two: White farmers feeling targeted by a deadly plot
Part Three: With president under fire, some see a right-wing plot
Part Four: A white plot for race war was far-fetched, but some believed
Part Five: Exchange students discover a foreign land right at home
In apartheid's wake, division in S. Africa is black vs. black
A farmer scans the horizon near Greylingstad for suspected burglars. home page   
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